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Men’s shoes, slippers, summer slipper, warm mule, charentaise-style slipper

Discover the complete collection of men’s shoes from Airplum: a wide selection of slippers, mules, espadrille-type shoes, or charentaise-style shoes, comfortable and with the best value for money. These French-made footwear are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, in both summer and winter.

Men’s shoes: a complete range for summer and winter

For the male audience, Airplum has developed its men’s shoes collection: a comprehensive range of men’s shoes and slippers for all seasons. Throughout the year, we dress the feet of these gentlemen who prioritise comfort and value for money in their footwear. In the fall/winter, choose the indoor men’s shoe model that suits your needs: warm sheepskin or recycled wool-lined slippers for sensitive feet, insulated slippers for those less susceptible to the cold, and lightweight mules with lining. And in the spring/summer, combine comfort and lightness with breathable mules and clogs, lightweight closed-toe slippers, espadrille-type slippers, or slip-on sneakers for both indoor and outdoor use.

Over 80 models of slippers per season to meet the needs of men’s feet

Airplum features a diverse selection of more than 80 models of French slippers, with two seasonal collections. All designed to cater to the comfort needs of adults and the elderly. Airplum’s men’s shoes collection includes:

– Sheepskin or recycled wool-lined slippers, very warm and insulating: a footwear that promises a high level of thermal comfort, providing cozy warmth in winter for those who are sensitive to the cold, akin to the charentaise-inspired slipper.

– Warm slippers with insulating fabric that keeps out the cold air: indoor men’s shoes that will keep your feet at the right temperature without making them sweat.

– Lightweight mules and comfortable slippers with an open heel and a Airflex™ sole (composed of 55% air bubbles). Easy to slip on and off, this model of men’s house shoes is suitable for relaxation.

– Closed slippers with Velcro straps, perfect for seniors and older men, ensuring good foot support in the men’s shoes and a perfect fit of the slipper to your feet (regardless of foot size and volume).

– Summer shoes resembling espadrille-style slippers with a semi-thick elastomer sole (both indoor and outdoor), but lightweight for transitioning from indoor to outdoor without changing your men’s shoes.

Indoor or outdoor shoes with insulating or breathable properties

For our men’s shoe range, we’ve chosen quality materials with advantageous properties:

– Sheep’s wool can be found in our indoor winter men’s shoes. These are our warm natural wool slippers. Wool keeps cold feet warm thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. It absorbs moisture and wicks it away. With wool winter men’s shoes, you’ll have warm feet.

– Men’s shoes for summertime with breathable fabric. In hot weather, feet need to breathe. Airplum has carefully selected the textiles that make up men’s footwear to provide them with all the comfort and freshness their feet need: perforated suede upper, lightweight canvas, thin denim canvas, and a first rope sole to absorb sweat.

In Airplum’s men’s shoe collection, you’ll also find footwear made of velvet, cotton, and polyester, terrycloth, with impeccable finishes that contribute to the quality of our indoor and outdoor slippers. Were you aware that all of our footwear, no matter the material, can be machine washed at 30°C? They are easy to maintain.

Memory foam, flat, cushioning, or stable: a choice of soles for everyone’s comfort

With men’s shoes, Airplum has also developed various soles to meet the needs of each male foot. Need flexibility in your men’s shoes? Choose the Airflex™ sole, a one-of-a-kind and patented comfort sole composed of 55% air bubbles. The benefit? It incorporates memory foam that conforms to the contours of your feet, offering enhanced arch support. As a bonus, there are anti-slip studs on the sole to prevent falls and slips, as well as reinforcements to protect sensitive parts of your feet.

Need stability in your men’s shoes? The flat sole is the most stable of all the soles in our shoes. It doesn’t tire the feet and offers good cushioning. To wear men’s shoes both indoors and outdoors, the semi-hard rubber sole is the most suitable. It resists all types of surfaces (tiles, gravel, asphalt, etc.).

United, printed, colorful – a wide range of styles for your men’s shoes

Airplum men’s shoes offer a great variety of colors, styles, and finishes to help you find the perfect pair that suits your tastes, preferences, and fashion sense. Choose from faux leather, suede, or peachskin for a cozy feel, or opt for tartan and checkered fabric for a charentaise-style slipper. Go for denim or cotton canvas for a casual and lightweight look. You can even find options with masculine prints and geometric patterns for a modern touch. Airplum men’s shoes are versatile footwear that you can wear with jeans, joggers, trousers, pajamas, shorts, Bermudas, boxers, and more.

Sizes from 39 to 46: Suitable for boys, teenagers, adults, and seniors

With our men’s shoe collection, boys and adults alike can find the perfect fit. Our men’s shoes are available in sizes from 39 (starting at around 9 years old) up to 46. They are suitable for active teenagers, young adults, as well as seniors and retired men. Airplum men’s shoes are designed to accommodate various foot shapes, including both narrow and wide feet. They typically run true to size, but we recommend going one size up for our heel cup mules. If you’re unsure about sizing, we have a precise size guide to make your online ordering easier.

Airplum, a master shoemaker in Périgord since 1947, delivers to France and abroad

When you purchase Airplum shoes, you’re benefiting from the artisanal and industrial expertise of a French slipper manufacturer since 1947. Our workshop, located in Augignac, Dordogne, from its inception until today, is one of the few remaining French companies upholding this tradition. We continue to thrive thanks to our dedicated team sharing the same human values and respect for craftsmanship. By purchasing French-made adult shoes, as well as footwear for the elderly, from Airplum, you’re making a supportive purchase, endorsing local production and the jobs of over 50 employees. Proud of our origins, history, and French indoor and outdoor slippers, we deliver all across France, and you can order and purchase your footwear from the French overseas territories and abroad. Don’t wait any longer to get your comfortable, high-quality shoes at an affordable price.

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Size guide

How to choose the right shoe size?

Use our Women’s/Men’s charts to determine your ideal shoe size.

If, however, the length of your foot falls between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger size for greater comfort:

Easy care for Airplum slippers:

It’s very simple: just put them in your washing machine at 30°C, then leave them to dry. And to make them last longer, especially for all our mules with foam soles, you must avoid wearing them outdoors, otherwise the sole will tend to degrade.


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