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Women's winter mules

Women’s winter mules: elegant and comfortable warm slippers

With Airplum’s women’s winter mules, combine French comfort, elegance, and craftsmanship! Explore our models: different shapes, soles, colors, prints, with or without a heel, and more. These open-heel women’s mules are a must-have for those who want to blend style and well-being in the comfort of their homes.

Women’s winter mules: the practical slipper with no laces and an open heel

Women’s winter mules are the epitome of practical slippers. You don’t need to bend down to put them on; just slide your feet in because the back is open at the heel. Easy to slip on and off, these slippers are perfect for everyday activities in your home, allowing you to move from indoors to outdoors and back without changing shoes. Some of our women’s winter mules even allow you to transition from indoors to the patio or garden without taking them off, thanks to a semi-hard Airflex™ sole. The ultimate in convenience!

A closed-toe mule for keeping your toes warm in the cold season

Women’s winter mules let you combine practicality and warmth from October to March. These slippers are open at the back but closed at the front to keep your toes warm. It’s a perfect choice because it’s often the extremities that get cold, especially the toes. Choose from models with a terry cloth interior (like the Bamako mule) for those who rarely have cold feet, recycled polyester fiber (known for retaining body heat, models like Bécopic, Tirefess, or Worizon), and fleece interior for those less sensitive to the cold. If you’re in the “cold feet” team, opt for our women’s winter mules lined with recycled wool for an eco-friendly and warm choice (like the Olaine fur-lined winter clogs).

Heeled women’s mules: adding elegance to your day

Even at home (indoors, on your balcony, or in the garden), you don’t want to be too casual? Forget ordinary indoor slippers and choose heeled women’s winter mules that combine French comfort and style. Heeled women’s mules add an extra touch of elegance to your stride. The 4 cm heel elongates and refines your silhouette, giving you a taller and more feminine appearance. It makes your legs appear longer, which is very flattering! The heel of women’s winter mules also provides a slight rocking motion that encourages a more confident and graceful walk. Discover our models with or without elastic, for narrow or wider feet, like the warm mules Carla, Cynthia, Catalpa, and our range of warm clogs, better suited for wider feet: the Olaine model with a 4 cm heeled sole.

Chic or casual slippers, the choice is yours

No matter your preferences, style, or fashion sense, you’ll find the women’s winter mules at Airplum that suit you for the colder seasons. We offer a wide range of women’s winter mules: solid color slippers (with flowery textile lining, speckled designs, star patterns, snowflake prints, animal prints), boiled wool appearance for a vintage touch, embroidery, small bows, and other feminine details.

Comfort with a unique expertise in Airflex™ soles

Above all, Airplum’s women’s winter mules are known for their comfort. What could be more pleasant and relaxing than slipping into slippers that feel great every day, that you look forward to putting on after a day of work to relax and soothe your body? Airplum understands this well, and that’s its strong suit: a design with lightweight and comfortable soles. All our soles have been made the same way since 1970, thanks to a unique, patented industrial process: Airflex™ soles. These memory foam soles are soft and lightweight, providing a high level of French comfort for tired feet: freedom of movement for your feet and ankles, slip-resistant, highly insulating and sound-absorbing (so you can walk quietly early in the morning and late at night), excellent shock-absorbing capabilities (to prevent joint pain and problems), easy maintenance (women’s mules and slippers are machine washable at 30°C).

Airplum: a manufacturer of French indoor and outdoor slippers

Since 1947, we have been designing and manufacturing high-quality French slippers at the best prices in our workshop in Augignac, Dordogne, not far from the Charente region known for its iconic checkered slippers. We have collections for women, men, and children, with both summer and winter selections, offering a wide range of sizes and footwear options for all seasons: women’s winter mules, clogs, ballerinas, charentaise-style slippers, or outdoor espadrilles with thin or raised soles. We are proud to continue this tradition of French slipper craftsmanship and industrial craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations for almost 80 years. As a responsible player in the French economy, all our women’s winter mules and indoor slippers are made in France: they are designed, manufactured, and assembled in our factory in the heart of the Périgord Vert, by our small team of around fifty men and women who have been trained in the various stages of French slipper manufacturing: cutting, stitching (assembly, lasting, trimming, strobel), injection, trimming, edging, finishing, and then packaging and shipping.

Discover our new women’s winter mules on our Instagram page, Airplum, the home of French-made indoor slippers.

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How to choose the right shoe size?

Use our Women’s/Men’s charts to determine your ideal shoe size.

If, however, the length of your foot falls between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger size for greater comfort:

Easy care for Airplum slippers:

It’s very simple: just put them in your washing machine at 30°C, then leave them to dry. And to make them last longer, especially for all our mules with foam soles, you must avoid wearing them outdoors, otherwise the sole will tend to degrade.


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