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Women's summer mules

Women’s Summer Mules by Airplum: Breathable and Comfortable Clogs Made in France

From April to September, if you’re looking for comfort for your bare feet without compromising on breathability, explore our extensive collection of women’s summer mules by Airplum. Whether you prefer traditional clogs, open-toe, or open-back styles, with or without heels, comfortable clogs, or wedge soles, we offer over 100 different models.

Women’s Summer Mules: The Ultimate Breathable Summer Footwear

Women adore wearing them. Women’s summer mules are exceptionally practical indoor summer shoes. They are easy and quick to slip on and off, requiring no effort. Perfect if you have trouble bending down, are always in a hurry, or move around the house frequently, transitioning from indoors to outdoors. Women’s summer mules adorn the feet of all ladies, making them versatile summer indoor slippers! Airplum has developed a comprehensive range with airy designs and breathable fabrics or barefoot soles to maximize your comfort and minimize sweating.

A Wide Selection of Breathable and Washable Indoor Slippers for Women and Girls

In our women’s mule collection, we offer various shapes and colors of women’s clogs to cater to all tastes and preferences. Each woman has her unique style and aesthetic when it comes to indoor slippers. We have also developed diverse soles to meet various comfort needs of women: sensitive feet, narrow feet, wide feet (clogs with elastic), excellent arch support, and more.

With the heat, we all tend to sweat a bit more, which is entirely natural. Therefore, we have prioritized lightweight (polyester), natural (cotton), and organic (cork) materials. As a bonus, all our French indoor slippers are easy to maintain and clean: simply machine wash them at 30°C and let them air dry. We recommend washing your women’s summer mules once a month to prevent potential sweat odors.

In Need of High-Comfort Summer Indoor Slippers? Focus on Our Clogs

We offer closed-toe women’s summer mules with comfortable soles, such as our Bueno, Box, Bicoeur, Biwi, or Bubulle models. You can easily recognize them by their unique sole, which provides excellent protection for your toes and arch. Its cupped heel ensures a secure fit. Moreover, it features a very flexible polymer foam sole with memory foam and ultra-lightweight air bubbles (soft clogs). Lastly, these comfortable women’s summer mules are slip-resistant, thanks to the numerous rubber nubs that offer superior traction on various surfaces. For those with sensitive feet, these are the best summer comfort indoor slippers for women.

Breathable Women’s Summer Mules: More Fresh Air for Your Toes!

Let yourself be charmed by our open-toe women’s summer mules, providing even more breathability due to the toe opening in addition to the exposed heel. Your toes will suffer less in the heat. When it’s scorching hot, these are excellent breathable indoor slippers for your feet. Models like Tananas, Torange, Osinga, Osso, and more are available for you to choose from.

Ladies, Elevate Your Style with Heeled or Wedge Sole Summer Mules

Women’s summer mules with flat heels: These are the most feminine indoor shoes in our collection. The 4 cm flat heel will slim your silhouette while ensuring comfort, thanks to Airplum’s expertise in insoles.

Women’s summer mules with wedge soles offer excellent stability and great comfort! You’ll love our double-strap mule, Ouest (anatomical cork wedge sole), which will brighten up your summers with its brilliant red. For a more classic style, opt for the Ocarina model (white mules).

Outdoor Soles: Our Women’s “Garden Shoes” Collection

With the return of the sun, we all enjoy transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces depending on the temperature. So, for moving around your home from morning to night, Airplum has designed women’s mule indoor slippers with mixed soles. Practical and durable, these soles are designed to withstand abrasive surfaces like terraces, asphalt, concrete or stone pavers, and hard dirt paths leading to orchards or gardens. Explore models such as Obanda, Chouchou, Circus, Cacaotes, Cerise, Chopin, and many more on our website!

Cork Sole Shoes: Your Solution for Sweat-Free Comfort

Did you know that cork is a natural and organic material, making it durable? The first layer of cork sole is made from the outer bark of certain trees, particularly cork oaks. This material offers several advantages for our women’s summer mules: it’s lightweight, elastic, and highly flexible, allowing it to conform to the wearer’s foot. In addition, it provides good cushioning (anti-vibration) and has low hygroscopicity (preventing bacterial build-up). Thanks to its porous nature, the underside of your foot can breathe, ensuring a soft and comfortable experience in our women’s summer mules with cork soles.

You have the choice between our flat or heeled cork sole women’s summer mules. With their mixed soles, these are all-purpose outdoor shoes and indoor slippers: Cabrina, Océane, Orme, Ouest, Calista, Cacao, Ondine, Chéryl, Olivette, and more.

Our Comfortable Shoes Beloved by Nurses and Caregivers

Do you work in the medical or healthcare sector? Then you need comfortable and breathable indoor slippers that your feet will love. Discover our women’s summer mules Opium and the white clog Sonia with their plush insoles and white quilted uppers. These two women’s summer mules are highly favored by nurses and caregivers. Some even wear them year-round, just like our double-strap mule Ocarina.

Airplum: Your Quality Indoor Slipper Manufacturer in Dordogne

Airplum has been in existence since 1947, albeit under a different name at the time. Our history began in the heart of the Green Périgord, and we haven’t changed our production location since our inception! We are still located in the southwest of France. Today, we continue to craft French indoor slippers with the same passion as when we started, offering them at affordable prices to make French-made indoor slippers accessible to all. For us, French manufacturing is primarily a tradition to uphold, undeniable quality, and support for small French businesses like ours facing fierce competition from China. Buying Airplum women’s summer mules is also an eco-conscious, committed, and informed purchase, in addition to the satisfaction of having a durable and comfortable product that will adorn your feet for a long time.

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Easy care for Airplum slippers:

It’s very simple: just put them in your washing machine at 30°C, then leave them to dry. And to make them last longer, especially for all our mules with foam soles, you must avoid wearing them outdoors, otherwise the sole will tend to degrade.


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