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Men's summer mules

Men’s summer mules: lightweight, comfortable, and breathable footwear for men

The comfort of your feet in summer depends on quality shoes that address your need for breathability. Airplum has developed the men’s summer mule’s collection to meet these requirements: comfortable, lightweight indoor slippers with the Airflex™ sole. Discover all our models manufactured in France.

Men’s summer mules: relaxing and breathable indoor shoes for warm weather

From April to September, wear men’s summer mules: lightweight and indoor slippers build for comfort to relax your feet at home, in the office, during long train or plane journeys, or at a hotel. It’s the ideal pair of indoor slippers for spring and warm weather. The open-heel design of men’s summer mules allows your feet to breathe and keeps them refreshed while walking. Airplum has developed a summer collection of men’s summer mules exclusively for you, gentlemen. You will find different models, various colors and styles, with breathable fabrics that reduce foot perspiration. With lightweight soles (Airflex™), men’s summer mules promise comfort and relaxation for your feet.

A wide range of indoor slippers and clogs for men, teens, boys, adults, and seniors

With masculine colors (navy blue, black, gray, beige, brown, khaki, etc.) suitable for all types of outfits and a lightweight and modern design, Airplum’s indoor slippers are manufactured in France and designed to satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs. Choose your men’s summer mule: classic mule clog, embroidered men’s summer mules, thematic summer mules (rugby, football, nature, animals, etc.) with specific prints, plain, striped and geometric patterned men’s summer mules. Every boy, teen, man, or senior will find indoor slippers for their feet.

Comfortable indoor slippers suitable for all foot shapes

Is comfort a top priority for you? Men’s summer mules meet this ultimate need. The men’s summer mules collection offers indoor slippers that are pleasant to wear and easy to slip on and off. There’s no need to bend down to put on your men’s summer mules; just slide your feet in, and you’re ready to go! Furthermore, with their heel cups, men’s summer mules keep your feet securely inside, so you won’t risk losing your lightweight indoor slippers along the way. Airplum has developed these indoor slippers with the comfort needs of men in mind, including those with narrow feet, wide feet, and sensitive feet. All our summer mules are designed to provide the utmost comfort.

Airflex™ memory foam sole: freedom of movement and maximum protection

On some models of our men’s summer mules’ collection, you’ll find the unique and patented sole of the brand: the Airflex™ sole. It stands out with its composition (55% air bubbles) and its flexibility and lightness. Moreover, it is a soft sole that offers more freedom of movement to your feet as they slide into these men’s summer mules. Thus, you can move and walk all day without discomfort. The memory foam sole adjusts according to the shape of your feet, providing all the comfort and arch support you need. Furthermore, the Airflex™ sole of these men’s summer mules features non-slip nubs to prevent slips and falls. Finally, its front, rear, and lateral reinforcements protect your entire foot from potential impacts.

Flat sole: the most stable and cushioning

Looking for a lightweight and practical sole? Opt for men’s summer mules with a flat, stable, and cushioning Airflex™ sole, like the Ferry and Fleming models. We also have thick yet lightweight soles for those gentlemen looking for more cushioning in their indoor slippers. Currently, this is the most stable Airflex™ sole in this men’s summer mules collection. Additionally, it is suitable for men with wider feet. Find it on our Woody and Wild mules.

Sizes 39 to 46: choose your Airplum summer shoes

You’ve identified the men’s summer mules to wear this season, and now you just need to choose the size. Airplum has developed men’s mules that suit all types and shapes of feet. These indoor mules are available from size 39 up to 46. For men’s summer mules with heel cups, we recommend choosing one size larger than your usual size, as this type of heel may cause your feet to slide forward and feel cramped. If you choose the wrong size when purchasing your men’s summer mules, feel free to return them or exchange them for a size smaller or larger. Check our exchange and return policy.

Airplum, master shoemaker since 1947 in the Périgord and online store

Where can you buy your men’s summer mules built for comfort? At Airplum, we have an online store with our collections of men’s mules as well as indoor slippers for men, women, girls, and boys. We also have our workshop in Augignac, in the Dordogne, where we have been manufacturing our French indoor slippers since 1947 with the same passion that has driven us since our beginnings. We continue to preserve the artisanal and industrial know-how of the Périgord region to produce quality products that are affordable for everyone. Don’t wait any longer to get your men’s summer mules, made with love by our artisans and collaborators. Take advantage of our special offer: enjoy free delivery when you order 2 pairs!

Discover the profiles of our collaborators and the values that inspire them in the manufacturing of our mules and indoor slippers, that provide upmost comfort, on our LinkedIn page.

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Size guide

How to choose the right shoe size?

Use our Women’s/Men’s charts to determine your ideal shoe size.

If, however, the length of your foot falls between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger size for greater comfort:

Easy care for Airplum slippers:

It’s very simple: just put them in your washing machine at 30°C, then leave them to dry. And to make them last longer, especially for all our mules with foam soles, you must avoid wearing them outdoors, otherwise the sole will tend to degrade.


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