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Women’s Shoes: Mules, Clogs, Ballerinas, Espadrille Style, Made in France Slippers

Are you looking for highly comfortable women’s shoes with the best value for money? Explore Airplum’s range of women’s slippers: French slippers for both indoor and outdoor wear. Mules, clogs, espadrille-style shoes, charentaise-style slippers, ankle boots, ballerinas, all combining quality and comfort.

Women’s Shoes and Winter Slippers: A Comprehensive Range for Women’s Feet

Dressing women’s feet throughout the year with quality women’s shoes is what Airplum offers. Women’s summer shoes, slippers for the summertime, fur-lined slippers to keep your feet warm during the cold season, winter clogs, ankle boots, and clogs for quick transitions from indoors to outdoors – Airplum’s women’s shoes range includes over 80 models per year and 2 annual seasonal collections to find the perfect fit. For spring and summer, discover our open-toe mules and lightweight women’s shoes such as ballerinas, clogs, or espadrille-inspired footwear! In the fall and winter, switch to fur-lined women’s shoes with ankle boots (high-top women’s shoes), sheep’s wool-lined clogs, or warm mules. Don’t forget the timeless vintage charentaise-style slippers!

Soles, Heels, Shapes, Colors, Prints, Textiles: All Types of Slippers

Airplum women’s shoes also offer a wide variety of shapes, soles, finishes, colors, prints, types of textiles, and linings to find your perfect footwear and have a personalized slipper that matches your tastes and desires. Women’s shoes with heels, flat soles, wedges, or memory foam for optimal foot comfort and an incredibly lightweight feel, semi-firm soles for a balance of comfort and transitioning from indoors to outdoors with your Airplum women’s shoes, flat PVC soles for durability, and flat soles. Airplum specializes in insoles for foot comfort and polymer soles known for their insulating properties (warm/cold/noise) and shock absorption. Enjoy comfortable women’s shoes!

Plain, floral, colorful women’s shoes, striped designs, leather-like or boiled wool effects, with embellishments or small decorations (buckles, hearts, little bows, etc.), with or without fasteners (straps, Velcro bands, etc.), sponge-lined interior, peachskin effect, velvet textile, natural sheep’s wool lining, or recycled wool: find women’s shoes you need all year round.

Sizes for Ladies, Young Girls, and the Elderly

Airplum caters to women of all ages: our women’s shoes are available in sizes ranging from 35 to 41. Starting from 9/11 years old, girls, teenagers, and young girls can find their size. Pink girl’s slippers, children’s hook-and-loop slippers, girls’ ballerinas, pastel-colored girl’s slippers, small-sized women’s shoes for those with smaller feet. Airplum doesn’t forget anyone and considers the needs of all. We have designed and developed a range of women’s shoes specifically for seniors and the elderly, with slippers for seniors, individuals who are aging and have sensitive feet: slippers and closed women’s shoes with a high tongue, wide Velcro straps for excellent foot support, comfortable soles to relieve the arch of the foot and joints, and non-slip soles to prevent falls while moving.

Models for Medical Professionals: Nurses and Caregivers

Are you a nurse, pharmacist, or caregiver? Does your profession require you to stand, walk, or be on your feet all day? Discover our women’s shoes and feminine slippers that you will find particularly suitable for your professional activities. Find the shapes, colors, and soles appreciated in your field of work: white pebble mules, open-toe white mules, white or gray wedge mules, antiperspirant, etc.

Airplum: A French Factory Specializing in Shoe and Slipper Manufacturing

Located in Augignac since 1947, Airplum has weathered the decades while retaining its expertise as a French slipper manufacturer. It’s still in the same factory, in the heart of the Green Périgord in the Dordogne department, bordering Charente, that we design and manufacture women’s shoes and men’s, and French slippers in line with the materials and human values that have driven us since our inception. Did you know? The Dordogne and the Périgord have a long tradition of shoemaking. For a long time, they have developed and perpetuated the know-how of French shoes and slippers. Unfortunately, with globalization and economic crises, not all companies have survived. We are among the last French companies to uphold this French expertise. By purchasing our products, you make a solidarity purchase and help us sustain employment in the region and support the families of our 50 employees.

Want to stay informed about all our new women’s shoes and slippers made in France? Follow us on the Airplum LinkedIn page to keep up with the arrival of our latest French slippers.

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Size guide

How to choose the right shoe size?

Use our Women’s/Men’s charts to determine your ideal shoe size.

If, however, the length of your foot falls between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger size for greater comfort:

Easy care for Airplum slippers:

It’s very simple: just put them in your washing machine at 30°C, then leave them to dry. And to make them last longer, especially for all our mules with foam soles, you must avoid wearing them outdoors, otherwise the sole will tend to degrade.


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