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Men's summer slippers

Men’s summer slippers : lightweight, classic, and comfortable summer shoes

For sensitive feet, Airplum has developed a collection of men’s summer slippers. Slippers with a wide velcro strap for a secure fit, available in sizes 39 to 46. They are popular among the elderly, seniors, and all lovers of made in France!

Men’s summer slippers with velcro strap : for better foot support during movements

With the men’s summer slipper collection, Airplum offers lightweight, comfortable, and enjoyable summer shoes made in our factory in Périgord for gentlemen who care for their feet. Choose the closed slippers with Velcro straps, suitable for all types of feet: narrow, wide, sensitive feet of seniors and elderly individuals. These pairs of slippers with Velcro allow for a perfect adjustment to your summer men’s indoor slipper, making it ideal for those who need good foot support during movements, as the foot does not slide inside the slipper.

Comfortable, lightweight, and easy-to-care-for indoor slippers

In hot weather, choose lightweight and comfortable men’s summer slippers that are breathable and practical for indoor use: for your relaxation on the couch, working around the house, at the office, and more. Our summer shoes are made in France with breathable fabric that does not promote sweating. Additionally, our men’s summer slipper, like all Airplum slippers, is machine washable at 30°C. The fabric dries quickly in the sun or open air. However, it’s advisable not to dry your slippers near a heat source like a radiator, for example.

Dejean, Dajou, Daddy, or Wonka : slippers suited for sensitive feet of elderly men

Searching for the right pair of slippers for sensitive feet while prioritizing French manufacturing? Choose from our Dejean, Dajou, Dadou, or Wonka models. Find comfort and support in these slippers for yourself or your elderly parents. These slippers are perfect for those who struggle with laces, have swollen or aged feet, receive home care, or reside in nursing homes. Their wide opening system makes it easy for self-dressing and assists caregivers. We offer masculine, discreet, and classic colors that are well-received by elderly and retired individuals.

Airflex™: Innovative insoles for men’s shoes Made in France

To offer you the most suitable summer slipper for men, Airplum, a Périgord-based slipper maker, has developed Airflex™, an insole available in several versions for our indoor summer shoes:

  1. The flexible Airflex™ insole: Designed using a patented process for men’s indoor slippers with Velcro. It’s a comfortable and lightweight insole made up of 55% air bubbles. Featuring studs, it provides your summer men’s slipper with slip-resistant protection and includes reinforcements to protect the toes and heel.
  2. The flat Airflex™ insole for the summer men’s slipper. It’s a very stable and highly cushioned insole. It imparts lightness and practicality to your summer shoes.


Airplum fits the feet of gentlemen from size 39 to 46.

Available in sizes 39 to 46, Airplum men’s slippers have been designed and tailored for all user profiles: dynamic teenagers, active men, retirees, and seniors. Designed, conceptualized, and MADE in France! Regardless of your clothing style or outfit, you will always find a men’s summer slipper at Airplum that suits your needs. Our summer shoe models complement all looks, whether you’re wearing jeans, shorts, Bermuda shorts, jogging pants, boxer shorts, trousers, etc. Don’t wait any longer to choose your summer men’s slipper. In case of a size defect, you can always return it and exchange it for a men’s summer slipper in the right size. Check our size exchange terms.

A French slipper workshop in Dordogne and an online store for your purchases.

Where can you find your summer men’s slipper for the summer season? On the Airplum online store, ordering your indoor and outdoor slippers will be extremely convenient. We deliver all our slippers in France, in the overseas territories, and abroad. Treat yourself to quality footwear items, born from French craftsmanship and made in our slipper workshop in Augignac, Dordogne (not far from Charente). This is where we design, develop, manufacture, package, and ship our men’s and women’s mules, winter slippers, indoor ballet flats, espadrille slippers, etc., which meet rigorous quality standards since 1947.

Follow our Airplum Facebook page to keep in touch with the latest summer men’s slipper innovations.

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Size guide

How to choose the right shoe size?

Use our Women’s/Men’s charts to determine your ideal shoe size.

If, however, the length of your foot falls between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger size for greater comfort:

Easy care for Airplum slippers:

It’s very simple: just put them in your washing machine at 30°C, then leave them to dry. And to make them last longer, especially for all our mules with foam soles, you must avoid wearing them outdoors, otherwise the sole will tend to degrade.


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